GEOServices LLC
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Geotechnical Engineering

Providing Geotechnical or Subsurface Explorations for information and data regarding the design of foundation systems, pavement systems, earthen structures, cut slopes and embankments. Explorations include the use of field and laboratory testing

GEOServices uses traditional and advanced technologies to perform site characterization, geotechnical analysis and testing in support of engineering design. We provide conventional standard penetration testing, Shelby tube sampling and conventional rock coring techniques for geotechnical site characterization. Additionally we provide specialized subsurface exploration techniques as in cone penetration testing and dilatometer testing.

We provide Engineering Design and Analysis from conceptual planning to complete, stamped final plans and specifications. We provide geotechnical services for:

Shallow Foundations recommendations which include bearing capacity and settlement analysis for conventional spread   foundations and mat foundations

Deep Foundations including driven piles, compaction piles, micropiles and drilled shafts

Retaining Structures as in mechanically stabilized earth walls, soil nail walls, gabion walls, geosynthetics,geocomposite retaining systems, tied back excavation systems

 Slope stability analysis and design