GEOServices LLC
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Design Services

GEOServices has extensive experience on geotechnical design services for a wide variety of development projects including high-rise and low-rise commercial buildings, churches, residential subdivisions, bridges, shopping centers, roadways, storm water basins in the southeast region. Our experience includes design work for new facilities as well as repair or retrofitting of existing facilities. Our staff relies on efficient management and innovation to complete projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our engineers are well experienced in evaluating cost-effective solutions for applications of geotechnical design. We use state-of-the-art computer software to assist with slope stability, foundation designs, retaining wall designs, and other geotechnical analyses. We have years of experience providing design services for contractors on design-build projects. We also provide value engineering services for clients and owners to help provide cost-effective solutions for projects of all types. GEOServices provides a broad range of geotechnical design and evaluation services including:

Geotechnical modeling and analysis

Shallow foundation designs

Foundation bearing capacity analysis

Pile and Drilled Shaft foundation designs

Micropile foundation analysis and designs

Subsurface grouting including compaction and cap grouting designs

Deep Foundations including driven piles, compaction piles, micropiles and drilled shafts

Mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall designs, including segmental block walls and geocomposite retaining structures

Soldier pile and lagging retaining wall designs

Anchored and tie-back retaining wall designs.

Shoring designs, including temporary and permanent systems

Slope stability analysis

Landslide stabilization design